39 MMA Strategies You should learn from Israel Adesanya

Israel Mobolaji Adesanya is a Nigerian professional mixed martial artist based in New Zealand. He is a kickboxer, and boxer. 

As a mixed martial artist. He is the former Glory middleweight contender winner and King in the Ring two-time cruiserweight and heavyweight champion. 

In this article you will learn how to fight like Israel Adesanya and how to use his best strategies in MMA and kickboxing fights.

1- Feinting jabs and low kicks

Realistically, I could’ve done a skill builder on feinting jabs and low kicks. Their prevalence and the ability to produce a desired or intended result were surprisingly impressive.

2- Fast twitch, piston pumping and hand feints

Note the fast-twitch and, piston pumping left hand and right-hand feints, and how Tavares reacts.

3- Thai lead hand technique.

Here he will extend the lead hand from southpaw like a Thai boxer  to find range, blind, and frame.

4- Ong-bak elbow

Fakes the ong-bak elbow and with hands and arms relaxed, throws a cross  from southpaw.

5- Hip feint to lancing jab

Here is another technique hip feint  to lancing jab

6- Defensive technique

Easy wide, defensive IQ is the physical demonstration of reading your opponent like a poker player. In an objective sense, this works because his action of evading is never straight back or even linear. Level changes amidst pivots.

7- Head Hooks Hips

Check this Amazing trick, Head hooks hips, here is urgency and impressively shows his defensive grappling technique with  head control  before blading  hips out and away

8- Foot Feinting and piston pumping

Foot feinting / piston pumping feints into jab to the body.

9- Fakes and ankle Breaks

watch these fakes and ankle breaks approach to the imaginary Roll. Confidence and relaxation  show direct causation

10. Knee to short right hook

Knee to short right hook. Tavares never had much of a chance to impose offense, as he was either running into the air or in this case, stiff counters. 

11- Short selling punch fakes

Here is some IQ via distance dominance. short selling punch fakes to give the illusion of ” safe range”. 

12. Jabs and low kicks

 Jabs and low kicks. The more your opponent guesses, the more time for you to be decisive.

13- Head kick

After jabs and low kicks, check Level changing his strike.

14- Head Hooks and hips

Head hooks hips, very amazing defensive grappling technique

15- Head into knee strike

The wonderful offense as a defense. Head into a knee strike.

16- Head kicks.

Head kicks are especially difficult to land clean because  of the distance required. Stylebelnder sees an opening, however and does a play on high to low, and round to straight strikes to conclude sequence with a round kick low turned sidekick high. Magical  set-up here

17- Head movement

Pre-emptive head movement makes for a moving target. Leans head left, to load the power jab through guard

18- Right hand movement

Note: Right hand extent to frame, creating unbalance while remaining defensively safe.

19- Liver kick

Note the evasion and direction which leads to a hasty forward-moving liver kick. Angle-magic

20- Fulcrum Sweep

Amazing fulcrum sweep

21- Low kicks

The speed and variance of the jab are astounding. The timing of the low kicks is equally perfect. High-level execution of some striking 101’s.

22- Fast twitch Feints

Fast-twitch Feints

23- Left kick technique

Hip feint into the left straight and condensed  Left kick to the body

24- Thai Plum knee to the jaw

More of the same to open this round, long-range jabbing, etc. Tavares is certainly starting to feel the culmination of them and starts over bobbing. Israel exploits with another beautiful Thai plum knee to the jaw.

25- Long Jabs

More symbiotic hip shuffling feints into long jabs.

26- ZIG-ZAG Movement

Zig-zag and coinciding slips of each attempted is very important to make yourself safe self from Jabs.

27- Heavy legs

Pulling backward is so effective. Heavy legs are ripe for reaping.

28- Kick to the middle section of the body

More like sided striking from southpaw very hard to defend via punch straight high to round kick the mid section of the body.

29- Head control

30- Post elbow

This labored kick attempt caught easily with over under clamp. Fake shucking left to spin right, and after this, he checks out of harm’s way post elbow as well

31- Thai clinch knee strike

Note:  the right foot in position for the right cross, and another quick Thai clinch knee to cap off a brilliant combination.

32- Post flurry and shoulder bump

Literally rolling with punches like a boxer including a nice post-flurry, shoulder bump

33- Locking up

Though the Kimura is locked up, Tavares is a veteran and knows how to defend this, thus far in theory. this trick here is using the right hand to separate, out and away, and amidst turning, to block the hips. Hips too high and BT’s too free. If Adesanya trapped with his own left leg and rotated right counter-clockwise, he may have finished.

34- Ground Striking

After his southpaw rangefinder became familiar, he reaches outright and firmly grabs the left wrist. The key to this is a few folds, but the thumb must position down, after using their momentum inward. Then the hand will open and shoulder free to rotate elbow to face. This is a fantastic technique for ground striking as well.

35- Ring cutting ability

Notice his ring/cage cutting ability. In orthodox he steps right foot first, in direction of but not adjacent to BT, and drags left foot behind

36- Liver Shot

He taps the right shoulder to use the pendulum effect and dig heels for the liver shot.

37- Post clinch/Frame break

Check out this trick post clinch/frame break. Stylebender dramatically sells on the mounting leg kicks, looks down and question mark kicks hitching  what first  came out like a leg kicks.

38- Grappling technique

Check out this trick, in this scenario, take the elbow up and around and while posting left leg, raises the right leg up and over like a sweep to mount. this right arm should pull-left arm tightly with thumb toward the sky.

39- Leg blocked

Arches up and over to avoid getting leg blocked or trapped in half guard, making the high pressure (x2) choke unlikely.

Stylebender is living up to the hype and the name. if the grappling keeps improving exponentially, we may be looking at the future middleweight legend.