47 Rare Pictures of Ip Man

In this article, you will find rare pictures of the legendary Ip Man .

The pictures in this post cover all different aspects of Ip Man’s life.

Ip Man at the wedding of his faithful student Wong Long Ching

Wong Long Ching is a direct disciple of Ip Man, he studied under Ip Man for a long time.

Now he owns several Wing Chun schools around the world.

This photo of Ip Man was taken with two of his direct students

  • Lok Yiu
  • Leung Sheung

Lok Yiu and Leung Sheung are considered the first generation of Ip Man students.

Along with Chu Shong Tin, they are considered the most iconic students of Ip Man, they were the closest to him and they witnessed every single detail of his life.

Ip Man with his son Ip Ching

Ip Ching is the second son of Ip Man, he learned Wing Chun directly from his father.

He later went around the world to spread the techniques and wisdom that he learned from his father.

Ip Man with his eldest son Grandmaster Ip Chun

Ip Chun is the eldest son of Ip Man

He was working as an accountant during the day, and he was learning Wing Chun from his father at night.

Ip Chun later became one of the most iconic figures in Wing Chun.

This photo was taken in Macau

Grand Master Ho Kam Ming is standing beside Ip Man, both watching a student perform the muk yan jong in a public event.

Grandmaster Ho Kam Ming was one of the best disciples of Ip Man, he spent his whole life learning Wing Chun and perfecting his techniques.

Ho Kam Ming was famous for his dedication to the art of Wing Chun, he was always first to be present at the Ip Man’s class and the last one to leave.

Left to right, Ip man with

  • Lee Ngan foon
  • Shei Mei King
  • Lo Tei
  • Ah Tim

Ip Man was known for being an openminded man compared to his peers in his time, many martial arts masters refused to teach women martial arts.

Ip Man was very open to the idea of training women for self-defense.

These photos are taken from a Hong Kong Magazine called New Martial Hero

The magazine did an interview with Ip Man where he spoke openly about his personal life, his sons, and his wife.

The interview was very interesting and showed another dimension of Ip Man.

If you are interested in reading the translation of the full interview here is a direct link to it

This photo shows Ip Man at his 76th birthday along with his grandson from Ip Chun

The woman in the photo is the wife of Ip Chun.

Ip Man was known for being a family man, his life revolved around two things:

  • His family primarily
  • Wing Chun

And because he had a busy life, Ip Man would bring his children with him to the Wing Chun classes so he can spend more time with them, he also would get back home to his wife as soon as the class ends.

Ip Man with his disciples

From left to right, Ip Man with:

Jiu Wan: Wing Chun Sifu who comes from another lineage

Yip Bo Ching: One of the best students of Ip Man, he began studying under Ip Man in the early 1950s.

Ip Ching: Youngest son of Ip Man

Ho Luen: One of the earliest disciples of Ip Man

Ip Chun: Oldest son of Ip Man

Ip Man drinking with his friends

Although he was a dedicated man, Ip Man was known for his sense of humor amongst friends.

Many of his disciples wrote about his sharp sense of humor in their books.

He was also known for making funny jokes even during the class to lighten the atmosphere for his students.

Ip Man with his two sons

  • Ip Ching
  • Ip Chun

Ip Man with Leung Ting in 1970

Leung Ting is:

  • Founder of the International Wing Tsun Association
  • Screenwriter
  • Director of martial arts movies
  • Choreographer for martial arts movies
  • Publisher

Ip man with Yip Bo Ching

Yip Bo Ching also know as Ip Poh Chjing

Yip Bo Ching’s lineage:

  • Leung Yee Tai
  • Dr. Leung Jan (Leung Tak Wing)
  • Ip Man
  • Yip Bo Ching

These are the famous photos of Ip Man and Bruce Lee together

Facts about Ip Man and Bruce Lee:

Bruce Lee trained for a while under Ip Man

Unfortunately, Bruce Lee parted ways with Ip Man and left the school.

The cause of Bruce Lee leaving Ip Man is not clear and every historian has their own version of it.

Some say that Bruce Lee felt unwelcomed by Ip Man’s disciples because he wasn’t purely Chinese.

His great-grandfather was born in the Netherlands of Jewish ancestry.

Ip Man’s students found out about Bruce Lee’s ancestry, so their attitude changed toward him and they discriminated against him.

Bruce Lee felt that and left the school. That is one of the most known causes that pushed Bruce Lee to part ways with Ip Man.

Photo of Ip Man with his students

Down to the left is Chow Tze Chuen, one of the greatest students of Ip Man.

Chow Tze Chuen’s lineage:

Leung Yee Tai

Dr. Leung Jan (Leung Tak Wing)

Leung Bik

Ip Man

Chow Tze Chuen

Ip Man alongside his son Ip Ching

Ip Ching was very close to his father, Ip Man’s greatness didn’t prevent him from getting advice from his sons.

He would ask Ip Ching for advice whenever he felt confused about things in business and life in general.

Other pictures of Ip Man

Ip Man’s statue in his Memorial Hall

Ip Man’s statue has been built in his Memorial Hall near Foshan Ancestral Temple

Ip Man’s burial site

Wu Tip Shan Cemetery
Fanling, New Territories, Hong Kong