6 YouTube Channels every Taekwondo practitioner should learn from

They say YouTube is the best teacher. I happen to believe so. If you want to start with an art, YouTube is a great place to begin with. Regardless of which art you want to perfect, there’s an entire playlist available not from one but numerous experts across the platform. The art of fighting is no different. Though the drills and practice are required to be done on a personal level (similar to the other art forms), you can motivate yourself to get the ball rolling with YouTube.

Taekwondo YouTube

The topic I would like to talk about today is that of learning Taekwondo through YouTube. Personally, I follow numerous YouTubers from whom I get to learn a lot and hone my craft. However, in this blog, I would only share the names of active YouTube channels which upload on a regular basis and are up-to-date with the current world of martial arts.

Here are 6 YouTube channels which you must follow as a Taekwondo practitioner:

  1. KwonKicker:

Kwonkicker is my go-to-taekwondo channel. It offers tutorials, discussion videos on not just taekwondo but kickboxing and Muay Thai as well. It’s a great channel to learn about drills along with improving your technique, developing a fighting strategy, improving flexibility and staying up-to-date with the current trends.

Micah Brock is the man behind the channel “Kwonkicker”. He’s a black belt in W.T.F Tae Kwon Do. He is a martial art celebrity and is revered by his followers on YouTube. Micah is best known for his first-round knockout with a spinning back kick to the body to an opponent who outweighed him by over 17 pounds.

2. fightTips:

fightTips by far is the most popular MMA tutorials channel on YouTube. It’s great for fighter workouts, easy to follow drills, training, building confidence, overcoming health problems. fightTips similar to Kwonkicker is not an out and out Taekwondo channel but the value you’ll get from these channels with help you hone your fighting instincts.

Shane Fazen, the person behind fightTips, earned his blackbelt under Grandmasters Pung Young Lee and Ray Minger. He started Muay Thai training with Cool Hearts team under Daddis MMA. He won his first professional match aged 19 via a 4th round KO and since then he has been heavily involved in renowned tournaments such as Golden Gloves and Mid-Atlantic.

3. Alex Wong:

If you’re a Taekwondo practitioner seeking a complete Taekwondo channel, then this one’s a treat for you. On this channel, you will learn about Taekwondo through tutorials, training videos and vlogs. This channel doesn’t just cover drills but adds a personal touch through in-depth vlogs.

Alex Wong as a name suggests is a female Black Belt instructor behind the channel. Her channel is filled with drills, techniques and tournament coverage. From sparring, kicking, stamina building to improving stability, you will get your daily dose of Taekwondo videos from Alex.

4. TaekWonWoo:

Another pure Tae Kwon Do oriented channel, TaekWonWoo offers an in-depth video guide about the World Taekwondo Style. The channel touches the area of fitness, self-defense, self-confidence development, building momentum and consistency through training at home. 

The man behind this channel is Master Woo, a Kukkiwon Certified martial artist with P.E in Taekwondo from Yong-In University. With over 30 years of experience. Based in South Korea, Master Woo started his journey in 1987 with Yong-In University in South Korea before departing for a 3-year military service.

5. Y. Moon Taekwondo:

J.Y. Moon or JYMoon is a great channel to learn about Taekwondo in-depth. It’s ideal for people who are starting off with their Taekwondo journey. Though it started 6 years ago, it has been highly active since the last 4 months. With the content resources available now, you can learn basic drills, forms, kicking techniques to name a few from this channel. The goal of this channel is to inspire young and adult practitioners to lead a healthy lifestyle and inspire people around them.

Grandmaster Moon, the founder of J.Y. Moon Taekwondo is an eight Dan Taekwondo belt holder. He amasses over 45 years of experience in Taekwondo. A two-time national champion who is renowned for his accomplished coaching and competitive spirit. Such is his role in the Kukkiwon sphere that he was elected to be a member of the Advisory Committee at the World Headquarters of Taekwondo.

6. Global Martial Arts University:

The Global Martial Arts University is a great channel where you get to learn from world-class instructors. It has online tutorials which emphasizes on workouts, training, drills, form and techniques. It has a vast online martial arts library which teaches everything from basic to advance techniques. Global Martial Arts University is like Master Class for martial arts practitioners and they provide feedback and support if you need it.

Unlike other individuals, GMAU is a university which is world’s renowned distance training martial arts university. GMAU offers courses which allows you to follow and easily training path to become a successful martial artist.

These are six of the best channels on YouTube for a Taekwondo practitioner. With the diversity and the advent of Taekwondo Kick boxing, there’s no pure Taekwondo channel as such which offers great quality. But if you happen to follow any of these channels or even a couple of them, you can learn enough to get started with Taekwondo from home.

PS: Additionally, I would also like to suggest Howcast, since it has great explanatory videos about majority of the martial art forms, kicks, and drills, it would be unjust not to give them a shout out.


I hope you found this information helpful, if you feel I missed out on a major channel and would like to recommend one, feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section below. Have a great day.