How Do Boxers Qualify For The Olympics?

The Olympics have been one of the most extensively honoured sports games in the world for many centuries.  With its recognition, many countries from different continental regions,(America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Europe), participate in the event.  Boxing was formally introduced to the modern Olympic Games in 1904.  Although Olympic boxing is still regarded as amateur boxing, … Read more

How Many Amateur Fights Do I Need Till I Become Pro?

In one of our previous releases, we examined carefully the differences between amateur boxing and professional boxing as they may look the same to new followers of the sport. For amateur boxers or aspiring boxers, the primary aim is to end up as a professional, no one wants to just compete as an amateur without … Read more

Does The Mafia Still Control Boxing Today?

Boxing has a dark history of gangsters, fixed fights, and mysterious murders.  There was a time when the mob ruled the sport from within, using their financial power and widely feared reputation to fix fights.  More than any other sport, boxing has a history of being simple to rig, because there are just two players, … Read more

How Often Do Boxers Get Tested For Steroids?

The use of steroids in any sport is like a plague that refuses to go, many top athletes across numerous sports have at one point been caught for using steroids, and boxing is no exception. For a sport that depends on the participant to make use of a lot of physical and mental strength, should … Read more

Top 9 Female Referees In Boxing

Undeniably boxing referees or judges may be a miserable job since many officiating are constantly chastised. Poor refereeing, on the other hand, affects and terminates existence in the worst of conditions. We have not had an in-ring fatality in any leading pro boxing organization. All of the incidents occurred during lesser events or in unofficial … Read more

How Often Do Boxers Train Their Necks?

Cast your mind back to 1996 when Mike Tyson had just been released from prison. There was a new sense of focus around him, and he looked supremely jacked with reports that he had less than 20% body fat. But one thing stood out, and that was his extremely wide and muscular neck. He had … Read more