Can You Block A Head Kick With Your Arms Without Breaking Them?

Before we go any further, we need to note that it is almost impossible to full-on “block” a roundhouse kick. Instead, you “absorb” or “deflect” the kick. A full-on roundhouse kick is too powerful to block without the proper skill to back it up.

Can you block a high kick with your arms effectively without breaking them?

You can use a taekwondo/karate forearm block to block a kick with your arm effectively.

But this is more effective for the sparring versions of a roundhouse kick. This version of the kick is weak and snapped.

Nevertheless, it is capable of causing you pain. All you have to do is to place your hand behind your head and use your arm and shoulder to shield your head.

Now, blocking a full-on roundhouse kick, on the other hand, is a little different.

The kick is chambered to the side of the body while the leg is swung like a full-on baseball bat.

When done properly, this kick carries a lot of momentum and can go through your arm and catch your head.

You have two options in this situation:

  1. Evading the kick
  2. (or) Going closer to the kicker.

Never take your eyes off your opponent when they kick.

Assess their form and predict their strike, and try to get out of the way immediately if you can not get closer to your opponent.

But if you can get closer, remember that the closer you are to them, the less power the kick will generate.

Are there any alternatives other than blocking a high kick with your arms?

The most important alternative to blocking high kicks is to try to evade the kick in general. Especially if you are not trained to fight, stay clear of the kick.

Matrix lean back

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But, if you feel confident about blocking the kick, you can also catch the leg.

To do this, ensure your hands are closed, just in case you can not catch the kick. And if you successfully catch the kick, you can try to counter by sweeping the stabilizing leg.

While high kicks are powerful, they also come at a cost to the kicker.

Their stability is compromised, giving you the opportunity for a teep aka front kick push. If you time it well, you can use your heel to jab the crease of the kicker’s hips to destabilize them.

In all these forms and techniques that we have highlighted, you must be confident and stay calm to rationally assess the situation so that you can find your best bet of evasion.