Canadian MMA fighters In the UFC

How could we discuss UFC and MMA fighters without mentioning the country with the fifth-ranked MMA fighters in the world? 

From the same nation emerged famous names and personalities who dared everyone in UFC and conquered the octagon.

The most well-known Canadians include Carlos Newton, Georges St. Pierre, and Mark Hominick. 

Many more Canadian MMA competitors are finding their way to elite UFC events and will hopefully achieve great success in the near future.

How many Canadian fighters are there in the UFC? Who are they?

At the moment, there are only two Canadian MMA fighters who are active in UFC. TJ Laramie and Aiemann Zahabi are their names. 

These fighters represent Canada at all MMA UFC championships and events.

Here are the stats for both fighters. 

TJ’s record is (12W-5L-0D), while Aiemann’s record is (8W-2L-0D). 

Both of their stats are pretty good, which shows how hard they work and how motivated they are.

Even though there are more Canadians who fight in other styles, these two are the ones who represent Canada in the UFC when it comes to MMA.

How many Canadian fighters are there in other MMA promotions (ONE FC, Bellator? Who are they?

There are a total of 11 Canadian fighters in MMA promotions (ONE FC and Bellator). 

Out of those 11, 3 fighters are in the ONE FC category while the remaining 8 fighters are in Bellator. 

2 out of the 8 fighters are in Women Featherweights and Flyweights.

The following are ONE FC Canadian Fighters:

The first one is Arjan Bhullar (Indo-Canadian). 

He is the heavyweight champion in ONE FC with a record of (2W-0L.)

The second one is Dustin Joynson.

He is also a Canadian and has the stats of (1W-1L).

The last Canadian Fighter in ONE FC is Gurdarshan Mangat. 

He is in the flyweight category and has stats of (3W-1L).

The following are Bellator Canadian Fighters:

Steve MacDonald is a light heavyweight fighter with stats of (4-0-0).

Jordan Mein is a welterweight fighter with stats of (31-13-0).

Lance Gibson Jr is a lightweight fighter with stats of (4-0-0).

Mandel Nallo is a lightweight fighter with stats of (8-1-1).

Jeremy Kennedy is a featherweight fighter with stats of (16-3-0).

Josh Hill is a bantamweight fighter with stats of (20-4-0).

Julia Budd is a women featherweight fighter with stats of (15-3-0).

Randi Field is a women flyweight fighter with stats of (2-0-0).