Where Can I Watch Live BOXING & UFC Events/fights?

Back in the day, watching sporting events was a possibility only for those who could go to the venue and see it live, or those who had a TV and could tune in to a channel that broadcasted it. Nowadays, those are not the only options Thanks to the internet, it’s now possible to watch … Read more

Boxing Vs. MMA Which Sport Is Stricter On Steroids And PEDs?

Boxing Vs. MMA, which sport is more infected by steroids and PEDs? Which sport is stricter on steroids and PEDs? Let’s start with boxing Is PED testing stricter in boxing? Yes, partially, because a lot of its fighters have been caught red-handed. It could also point to the fact that boxing has been around much, … Read more

Do Bare Knuckle FC Fighters Get Tested For Steroids/PEDs?

The answer to that question is yes and no. While major promotions such as the UFC & Bellator have taken testing to the next level with their rigid and sometimes tedious testing of fighters, the same can’t be said about Bare Knuckle FC or even boxing itself. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.  What … Read more

How To Become a Boxing Manager?

1. Where to Begin  A boxing manager is a positive and important aspect to any up-and-comer fighter out there. They are also an integral part of a fighter’s growth as a human and as a champion after that. Are they needed? Yes, damn right they are. To become a boxer’s or fighter’s manager, you would … Read more

How Much Do Boxing Managers Make?

Being a boxing manager is a really lucrative job. They play a significant role in a boxer’s career, but they are often undervalued. This is primarily due to the fact that they are frequently mistaken for agents and that their work frequently takes place in the shadows. Nevertheless, they are still paid handsomely. Boxing managers … Read more

Is It Effective To Block Punches With Your Forehead?

This question seems counter-intuitive at first thought. Like, why would you want to catch a punch with your forehead? Is that not what the assailant was aiming for in the first place? We are going to be addressing that in this short article. The truth is that there is an excellent argument for catching a … Read more