Your Complete Guide to Slipping Punches in Boxing

Slipping punches in boxing

What made Ali great? Which aspect of his boxing game fascinated us the most? Was it his punches? Was it his defense? Was it his technical abilities? You’d often find yourself thinking how boxers in his early careers weren’t able to hit him?  The same way we think of Mayweather today. Any great fighter’s biggest … Read more

Your Ultimate Guide To Parrying Punches In Boxing

parrying punches in boxing

Parry as a term comes from the sport of fencing. Herein, to parry an attack refers to deflecting the attack of the sword with the intention of diverting your opponent’s sword in the opposite direction.  In boxing sense, it’s pretty much the same. When we say parry in boxing, it means to deflect your opponent’s … Read more

How to Condition Your Knuckles: Guide to Harden Your Fists For Fighting

knuckle conditioning for fighting

Conditioning your hands to be able to absorb the impact upon connection determines whether you’ve successfully landed the punch or not. Be it self-defense or professional fighting, your punch should have enough power to stop your opponent’s advances, especially for self-defense where the situation is much detrimental, the main goal is to stop your opponent … Read more

Can a Glass Jaw be conditioned into an Iron Chin in Boxing and MMA?

Iron chin in boxing

The fact of not being able to take a punch in contact sports is embarrassing yet the biggest reality in the world of Boxing and MMA. People often use the term “glass jaw” when it comes to describing a person with a weak chin. You must have seen this term thrown around with one fighter … Read more

Basic boxing combinations for beginners

boxing combinations

You’d often hear people say that boxing’s just a sport of three punches. And when they list them, they keep circling between the straight, hook and uppercut. It’s funny, how they can’t be any further from the truth. If you’re a boxer, even a beginner, who has just started the journey, you’d know that there’s … Read more