What Are The Rules of Glory Kickboxing?

How many rounds are there in Glory? Non-title fights are scheduled for 3 rounds, 3 minutes each. Title fights are scheduled for 5 rounds, 3 minutes each. Are spinning back fists allowed in Glory? Yes, spinning back fists are allowed in Glory. Is grabbing the leg allowed in Glory? Grabbing the leg is allowed only … Read more

Does Glory Test Kickboxers For PEDs?

Glory is not strict in testing kickboxers for PEDs (including steroids). Glory holds events worldwide where kickboxers get tested only the day of the competition by the governing bodies in these countries e.g. State Atheltic Commissions in the United States. Testing kickboxers only on the day of competition makes it so easy for them to … Read more

Question Mark Kick Vs. Brazilian Kick Vs. Roundhouse Kick

What is the question mark kick? Question Mark Question Mark Kick GIFfrom Question Mark GIFs Receives that name from the figure followed by the kicking foot when performed. It’s done by lifting the knee, and rotating the support foot to then unleash the lifted leg and cut horizontally across the opponent’s body This means that … Read more

Front Kick Vs. Push kick/teep, What Is The Difference?

If you are into the martial arts world, you have probably heard about the front kick and the push kick or Muay Thai teep. Both movements seem similar at first sight, so most people think that they are the same thing. Taking a closer look you can easily realize that they are not the same, … Read more

Should I Use A Head Kick Or A Punch To Knock out My Opponent?

The whole planet saw the Usman vs Edwards at UFC 278 fight and how Edwards delivered – according to many – the best ever ‘Hail Mary’ head kick knockout in history. It proved just how devastating a head kick can be when it’s landed flush. From MMA to kickboxing, it’s a situation that nobody wants to … Read more