Do Big Arms (biceps & triceps) Make You Punch Harder?

It is a common assumption that having big arms makes a person punch harder. Sometimes, having well-muscled arms is enough to deter people from getting into fights with you. However, is this assumption correct, or is it a misconception? This article answers the question. Punching power does not come from the triceps or biceps, meaning … Read more

5 Best Calisthenic Exercises For Martial Arts

Best Calisthenic Exercises For Martial Arts

Most martial arts schools don’t train the upper body as it should be trained. Most of them rely on exercises such as push-ups to build the upper body strength. That’s the reason why most martial artists though they have powerful legs cannot generate an impressive amount of power with their punches. And that can be … Read more

How to Condition Your Knuckles: Guide to Harden Your Fists For Fighting

knuckle conditioning for fighting

Conditioning your hands to be able to absorb the impact upon connection determines whether you’ve successfully landed the punch or not. Be it self-defense or professional fighting, your punch should have enough power to stop your opponent’s advances, especially for self-defense where the situation is much detrimental, the main goal is to stop your opponent … Read more

Can a Glass Jaw be conditioned into an Iron Chin in Boxing and MMA?

Iron chin in boxing

The fact of not being able to take a punch in contact sports is embarrassing yet the biggest reality in the world of Boxing and MMA. People often use the term “glass jaw” when it comes to describing a person with a weak chin. You must have seen this term thrown around with one fighter … Read more