Are Shoulder Strikes Effective In a Fight?

Shoulder strikes are typically seen as a secondary tool and not the main blow to win you a fight. Yes, we have all seen the fight where Connor Mcgregor stunned Cerrone with a wild shoulder strike, bursting his nose and winning 49 seconds later, but this was an exception to the rule, which is ‘the … Read more

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How To Watch One FC PPV Events (US, Canada, Other countries)

ONE Championship is the largest martial arts organization in the world and a top five global sports property in terms of viewership and engagement. With top competitors from over 80 nations competing in MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, submission grappling, and other disciplines, ONE events showcase the full spectrum of martial arts. ONE Championship is a … Read more

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Is Trash Talking Allowed During An MMA Fight?

MMA is thrilling because it gives competitors the freedom to trash talk each other before fights and then back it up when it counts. To the promoters, the more vicious the trash-talking is, the more hype surrounds the game, which can translate to more exposure and, subsequently, more money. Unlike in WWE, the back-and-forth banter … Read more

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Boxing Vs. MMA Which Sport Is Stricter On Steroids And PEDs?

Boxing Vs. MMA, which sport is more infected by steroids and PEDs? Which sport is stricter on steroids and PEDs? Let’s start with boxing Is PED testing stricter in boxing? Yes, partially, because a lot of its fighters have been caught red-handed. It could also point to the fact that boxing has been around much, … Read more

Should I Use A Head Kick Or A Punch To Knock out My Opponent?

The whole planet saw the Usman vs Edwards at UFC 278 fight and how Edwards delivered – according to many – the best ever ‘Hail Mary’ head kick knockout in history. It proved just how devastating a head kick can be when it’s landed flush. From MMA to kickboxing, it’s a situation that nobody wants to … Read more