What Is The Easiest Weight Division In The UFC?

The Easiest Weight Division In The UFC? This goes without any debate, it is hands down the heavyweight division. The heavyweight division in all MMA organizations is the least skilled division, where fighters don’t have a wide range of tools to use in the cage. Heavyweights in general are either strikers or grapplers, only a … Read more

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The Secret To Why All Of Khabib’s Teammates Are So Good

The MMA community still doesn’t understand why Khabib’s team has a high success rate, most of their fighters are either champions in different organizations or are title contenders. The video below explains it all and solves the mystery of this team. But before you watch the video, you should understand this: Basically, there are two … Read more

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Why Are Dagestani Fighters So Good?

The dominance of Dagestani fighters is so evident in MMA, it all started with Khabib when he joined the UFC in 2012. At that moment, Khabib was the first and only Dagestani fighter in the UFC. A couple of years later, a whole squad of Dagestani fighters joined the UFC. Then the Dagestanis took over, … Read more

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What Does Charles Oliveira Mean By “I am Enlightened”

The whole MMA community has heard Charles Oliveira repeating this phrase over and over again, “eu sou iluminado” in Portuguese, which means I am illuminated or enlightened. But still, not many MMA fans understand why Charles Oliveira believes he is enlightened. Daniel Cormier asked Charles Oliveira this question in one of his interviews: “How do … Read more

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Do UFC Fighters Get Fined If They Shove Their Opponent?

UFC Fighters Get Fined If They Shove? Theoretically, they could get fined by the athletic commissions because it is against the rules of conduct. But in practice, the athletic commissions in the US turn a blind eye to fighters shoving each other during the weigh-ins or during press conferences. Why do athletic commissions don’t take … Read more