Why Do Some Fighters Bring Their Whole Team To The Fight?

Many fighters in the UFC are known for bringing all their team members to the fight. The Diaz brothers started this tradition in StrikeForce and brought it to the UFC later. A few years later, a new generation of fighters adopted the same tradition and took it up to the next level. Khabib Nurmagomedov was … Read more

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Best MMA Analysts To Listen To Before UFC & MMA Events?

1. The War Room, Dan Hardy Breakdown This is hands down the best of them all! Former UFC welterweight and former UFC commentator is the best at doing it. His analyses are deep, they include all types of statistics about fighters, strategies, fighting habits and patterns that fighters have, etc. Dan Hardy spends days studying … Read more

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How To Build Your Self-confidence As A Fighter?

I’ve seen fighters go through highs and lows in their careers, periods when they feel invincible and other periods when their self-confidence takes a hard hit. When self-confidence gets to its lowest, the fighter doesn’t perform to their best and starts losing their sharpness in fights. If you are going through such a period, then … Read more

Do UFC Fighters Get Paid If They Lose?

Most fighters under UFC contracts are offered show money and win money, this is how the UFC pays its fighters. This is also the UFC’s way to motivate fighters to win fights. For example, a fighter who is making their debut in the UFC will be making 14k to show up for the fight and … Read more

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What Is A Journeyman in MMA? Examples In The UFC?

A journeyman in MMA is a fighter who never managed to be amongst the elite or the gatekeepers. Historically, a journeyman is a craft worker whose rank is beyond an apprentice but can never be a master. A journeyman was historically always an employee and could never have a business of their own. Let’s take … Read more

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