11 Tips For Returning to Taekwondo After a Long Break

It takes immense courage to find your feet back into fitness. More so, if you were a martial artist, the chances of getting back to the sport are harder. As a former Taekwondo practitioner, you might already have the skills and won’t require slogging as much as the new students.  However, there are certain things … Read more

Am I Too Old To Start Taekwondo?

Taekwondo circles around intelligence and the right attitude. For this reason, you’re never too old to begin with Taekwondo. With dedication and determination, you can make the cut even after 60 let alone 30 or 40 years of age.  Though, it is hard for older students, there’s no giving up. You can start with Taekwondo … Read more

How to win A Taekwondo Tournament

Most of the Taekwondo practitioners have questions such as “how do I prepare for a taekwondo competition?” or “how do I improve my sparring for competition?”, this blog aims to answer both these questions and provide additional insights of how to prepare yourself for a Taekwondo bout physically, mentally and emotionally.

Taekwondo Weaknesses In Self-defense: How To Overcome Them?

Self-defense at best is what Taekwondo is labelled as. But is it? Is this martial art capable of absorbing the fury of a Muay Thai fighter? Clinch of a wrestler and the ground game of a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner? No martial art is perfect, and Taekwondo isn’t an exception. Even if you’re a dedicated Taekwondo practitioner, … Read more