13 Ways to Improve Your Fighting Reflexes

reflexes in boxing

In the boxing world, your reflexes are everything. Offense and defense similar to every other move are dependent on reflexes. Your ability to develop an instinctive quality to react in a split second is what will lead you to the journey of becoming a successful professional boxer.  Over the years, boxing has seen many legends, … Read more

8 Naseem Hamed Head Movement techniques every boxer can learn from

Prince Naseem Hamed

Though head movement is not talked about much in the initial stages of your boxing career, the later stages are filled with conventional wisdom.  When you’re starting out, you’re taught how to attack, defend or counter your opponent’s punches.  However, the use of effective head movement isn’t really a part of that curriculum as it’s … Read more

Learn Boxing From Leonard Vs. Roberto Durán

Brawl in Montreal Boxing Strategies

Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran’s first fight is referred to as the Brawl in Montreal. The epic showdown between these two legendary boxers is often eclipsed by their second bout due to its bizarre ending. Nonetheless, with regards to boxing, their first bout is one of the best fights in boxing history. From the … Read more

Key Strategies For Orthodox/Conventional Boxers

Orthodox boxing strategies

We have given our fair share of coverage to the southpaw style, collectively as well as individually in our efforts to cover boxers such as Manny Pacquiao and Terence Crawford.  With Pacquiao, we learned about the dominance of a southpaw fighter, whereas, with Crawford, we learned about the advantage of switching from Orthodox to Southpaw. … Read more

Understanding the Triangle Theory in Boxing

boxing triangle theory

Let’s begin this blog by distinguishing the two types of triangle theories. The first triangle theory is a misconception not just among casual boxing fans but also the ones who are deep into the sport. Fun fact, it’s not just related to boxing; it applies in every other sport hypothetically. A principle which suggests, that … Read more