Best Speedbag Workouts to Improve Your Boxing

speedbag workout in boxing

I can hardly describe how I made it so far without using the speed bag in the first three years of my training. If you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t mind training without a speed bag either. Every time, I used to come up with an excuse for not using it because honestly, I never … Read more

Your Ultimate Guide To Parrying Punches In Boxing

parrying punches in boxing

Parry as a term comes from the sport of fencing. Herein, to parry an attack refers to deflecting the attack of the sword with the intention of diverting your opponent’s sword in the opposite direction.  In boxing sense, it’s pretty much the same. When we say parry in boxing, it means to deflect your opponent’s … Read more

Power Punches in Boxing: A Complete Guide

power punches in boxing

Your knowledge of punches can not only add power and efficiency but can also help you earn your opponent’s respect. A power punch though simple is often the most misunderstood aspect in boxing. Sure, the brute force and strength are good enough to win you a bout any day. But, if you don’t know how … Read more

Complete Guide to Counterpunching in Boxing

Counterpunching in boxing

People who have just started learning how to box or are in their initial sparring stages are often unable to create an opening. For them, when an opponent unleashes the shots, they have no choice but eat it. Yes, they can defend it but without having counterpunching knowledge, you can never turn your opponent’s attack … Read more

8 Naseem Hamed Head Movement techniques every boxer can learn from

Prince Naseem Hamed

Though head movement is not talked about much in the initial stages of your boxing career, the later stages are filled with conventional wisdom.  When you’re starting out, you’re taught how to attack, defend or counter your opponent’s punches.  However, the use of effective head movement isn’t really a part of that curriculum as it’s … Read more