Complete Guide to Counterpunching in Boxing

Counterpunching in boxing

People who have just started learning how to box or are in their initial sparring stages are often unable to create an opening. For them, when an opponent unleashes the shots, they have no choice but eat it. Yes, they can defend it but without having counterpunching knowledge, you can never turn your opponent’s attack … Read more

5 Jab setups & Counters You Should Learn From Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner Boxing Strategies

Though the Pacquiao defeat might appear to be the final nail in Adrien Broner’s coffin. Though disliked because of his cocky attitude, there’s a lot of right things Broner did until he was 27-0.   He was touted as one of the best upcoming prodigies, famed just proved to be too much for him as … Read more

12 Strategies Every Boxer Should Learn From Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Boxing

Since his first fight on 6th March 1985, the self-proclaimed “Baddest Man on the Planet” has etched his name in the history books. Only second to Ali in popularity, Tyson’s aggression and tenacity baffle the boxing community till today.  From 48 seconds knockout to 91 seconds knockout, generations to come will talk about Mike Tyson’s … Read more