How To Do A Fireman’s Carry Takedown – All Variations

Fireman’s carry is one of the most effective takedowns, but for some strange reason we don’t see much of it in competition. Many of my fellow wrestlers and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners have told me that they don’t use it because it requires a lot of strength and commitment when executing it. Today, I’m writing … Read more

How To Use Hand Grips In MMA, Wrestling and No-Gi BJJ

What is the best grip to use in MMA, BJJ and wrestling? The answer is: It depends! Each grip has its own usage. This guide will teach you what kind of grip to use in each situation, the different grips to avoid, the strongest grips, and many other things you have never known about grips. … Read more

How to Use Shoulder Rolls or Granby Rolls in MMA, BJJ & Wrestling

The Granby roll or shoulder roll is a great technique used extensively in MMA, BJJ and wrestling. What is the granby roll? This shoulder roll has its name due to the Granby School of wrestling in Virginia, the school was famous for inventing several wrestling moves including the granby roll. The Granby roll consists of … Read more