Best Speedbag Workouts to Improve Your Boxing

speedbag workout in boxing

I can hardly describe how I made it so far without using the speed bag in the first three years of my training. If you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t mind training without a speed bag either. Every time, I used to come up with an excuse for not using it because honestly, I never … Read more

5 Best Calisthenic Exercises For Martial Arts

Best Calisthenic Exercises For Martial Arts

Most martial arts schools don’t train the upper body as it should be trained. Most of them rely on exercises such as push-ups to build the upper body strength. That’s the reason why most martial artists though they have powerful legs cannot generate an impressive amount of power with their punches. And that can be … Read more

13 Ways to Improve Your Fighting Reflexes

reflexes in boxing

In the boxing world, your reflexes are everything. Offense and defense similar to every other move are dependent on reflexes. Your ability to develop an instinctive quality to react in a split second is what will lead you to the journey of becoming a successful professional boxer.  Over the years, boxing has seen many legends, … Read more

Comprehensive Guide to Overhand in Boxing

Overhand Right in Boxing Guide

The overhand right inarguably is the most powerful punch in boxing. Due to the movement and change of angle, an overhand punch has a sheer knockout power. Though most power punches such as the cross or hooks carry considerable knockout power, the overhand right is always considered to be a cherry on the top. However, … Read more

Comprehensive Guide to Footwork in Boxing

footwork in boxing

For casuals, boxing is all about punching and combinations. Only the ones who are invested in the sport realize the importance of footwork in boxing. If you’re boxing at an intermediate or a level above, you know the importance of footwork alongside punching and combinations. For beginners, footwork is an advanced aspect which isn’t taught … Read more