What Are The Rules Of Clinching In Boxing?

Whether you are a new or old follower of boxing fights, you would have realised and noticed the repetitive “hugs” between fighters within rounds. For a sport that requires each fighter to try to outpunch the other fighter, this could come across as particularly odd, especially when you consider the frequency of it. Well, such … Read more

What Is A Slugger In Boxing? What Are The Characteristics Of This Style?

Since the inception of boxing, different boxers have come and gone with their characteristic style of boxing, with different styles or techniques holding slight advantages over the other. One such fighting style in boxing is slugging.  There are several fighting styles in the boxing world; four of such styles reign supreme. These four boxing styles … Read more

What Are The Punch Numbers In Boxing? What’s Allowed And What’s Not?

If you’ve ever been to a boxing gym, or you’ve watched a couple of boxing training videos. You will certainly have heard the fight trainer yelling numbers in quick successions, like “1-5-3-2”, or “2-2-4-1”, and I’m pretty sure you might have been confused about what they meant initially, or whether they were just random numbers. … Read more

How Do I Become A WBA (World Boxing Association) Boxer?

There’s no gainsaying that every amateur’s dream is to go professional and fight against the big boys in boxing. Professional boxing is the ultimate peak in boxing; it is the crème de la crème. One of the steps to take in becoming a pro boxer is to join one of the professional boxing associations. Professional … Read more

Do MMA Fighters Cut More Weight Than Boxers?

Mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing can be said to be two peas of the same pod albeit different in some ways, just like the peas in a pod are different in size.  One notable difference is in the use of hands and legs by MMA fighters, whereas boxers are forbidden from using their legs … Read more

Why Are The Majority Of Boxing Heavyweight Champions Black?

Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, George Foreman, Lenox Lewis, Deontay Wilder, Joe Frazier. You might be wondering who these men are. Well, these are some of the famous boxing heavyweights that have one point or the other held a heavyweight championship, and you know what the funny thing is, they’re all blacks. We could easily write … Read more