Do You Have To Be A Great Fighter To Be A Great Coach?

Let’s start with this statement, being a great fighter doesn’t mean being a great coach. Coaching and fighting are two separate things. Being a coach requires different skills than fighting. This is valid for all fighting disciplines, MMA, Kickboxing, boxing, etc. Why you don’t have to be a great fighter to be a great coach? … Read more

As a Coach, Should I Get Personal With My Fighters?

As a coach, should I get personal with my fighters, or should I keep it only professional? Combat sports are different from sports like football, basketball, etc. MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, etc. are all sports that tap deep into one of the most basic human instincts which is fighting. A football or basketball coach … Read more

Do UFC Fighters Get Fined If They Shove Their Opponent?

UFC Fighters Get Fined If They Shove? Theoretically, they could get fined by the athletic commissions because it is against the rules of conduct. But in practice, the athletic commissions in the US turn a blind eye to fighters shoving each other during the weigh-ins or during press conferences. Why do athletic commissions don’t take … Read more

How To Build Your Self-confidence As A Fighter?

I’ve seen fighters go through highs and lows in their careers, periods when they feel invincible and other periods when their self-confidence takes a hard hit. When self-confidence gets to its lowest, the fighter doesn’t perform to their best and starts losing their sharpness in fights. If you are going through such a period, then … Read more