47 Rare Pictures of Ip Man

In this article, you will find rare pictures of the legendary Ip Man . The pictures in this post cover all different aspects of Ip Man’s life. Ip Man at the wedding of his faithful student Wong Long Ching Wong Long Ching is a direct disciple of Ip Man, he studied under Ip Man for … Read more

Wing Chun Techniques for Beginners

Wing Chun techniques

Wing Chun as a martial art is really unique. Its intricacies and little nuances can be instrumental in self-defense. It’s well-known for simultaneous block and strike, unique structures, trapping, attacking from the shortest distance, rapid vertical punches, and forward pressure to name a few. Most of these techniques are really effective when you use them … Read more

7 Reasons Why Master Wong Comes Off Fake

Is master wong fake or real?

I recently uploaded a video titled, “Is Master Wong Fake”, and title sparked a lot of controversies.  Genuinely, I was just trying to express my opinion and keyboard warriors bombarded me with comments as if I had committed some crime. DISCLAIMER I’ve reiterated my respect for Master Wong in that video more than once and … Read more