What Is A Journeyman in MMA? Examples In The UFC?

A journeyman in MMA is a fighter who never managed to be amongst the elite or the gatekeepers. Historically, a journeyman is a craft worker whose rank is beyond an apprentice but can never be a master. A journeyman was historically always an employee and could never have a business of their own. Let’s take … Read more

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What Is A Gatekeeper In MMA? Can They Become A Champion?

A gatekeeper is an MMA fighter who can win fights against the majority of fighters in their division, but at the same time can never become a champion because they can’t win fights against the elite fighters of their division. Ranking-wise, a gatekeeper is always ranked amongst the top ten but can’t break through the … Read more

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Takedowns & Guillotines Paralyze Fighters, Why?

Why takedowns may cause paralysis? A takedown always raises serious health concerns when done incorrectly. That means the pressure strains the neck, and that itself can separate the neck from the spine. You may not necessarily get caught in a choke, but the process of quickly advancing on an opponent and attempting a takedown is … Read more

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Question Mark Kick Vs. Brazilian Kick Vs. Roundhouse Kick

What is the question mark kick? Question Mark Question Mark Kick GIFfrom Question Mark GIFs Receives that name from the figure followed by the kicking foot when performed. It’s done by lifting the knee, and rotating the support foot to then unleash the lifted leg and cut horizontally across the opponent’s body This means that … Read more

Front Kick Vs. Push kick/teep, What Is The Difference?

If you are into the martial arts world, you have probably heard about the front kick and the push kick or Muay Thai teep. Both movements seem similar at first sight, so most people think that they are the same thing. Taking a closer look you can easily realize that they are not the same, … Read more

Where Can I Watch Live BOXING & UFC Events/fights?

Back in the day, watching sporting events was a possibility only for those who could go to the venue and see it live, or those who had a TV and could tune in to a channel that broadcasted it. Nowadays, those are not the only options Thanks to the internet, it’s now possible to watch … Read more