Do Big Arms (biceps & triceps) Make You Punch Harder?

It is a common assumption that having big arms makes a person punch harder. Sometimes, having well-muscled arms is enough to deter people from getting into fights with you. However, is this assumption correct, or is it a misconception? This article answers the question. Punching power does not come from the triceps or biceps, meaning … Read more

Do Wrist Push-ups Strengthen The Wrist or Harm It?

Push-ups are a simple calisthenic exercise that offers so many benefits to the body. By lifting and lowering the body from a prone position using the arms, this exercise strengthens a wide range of muscles, from pectorals to deltoids and more. There are many variations of push-ups: Regular (palm) push-ups Knuckle push-ups Fingertip push-ups Wrist … Read more

Why Do Referees Wear Gloves In Boxing and MMA?

Referees wear gloves in adherence to the basic sanitation hygiene rule. These rules are in place to prevent the transmission of contagious diseases. In 1987, it became mandatory for referees and cornermen in all sanctioned boxing matches to wear rubber gloves while officiating. This mandate was affected 8 years after the discovery of the Acquired … Read more

How Many British Fighters Are There In The UFC?

MMA is a sport that has garnered major attraction in recent times, and different nations have been represented across the octagon in the UFC, from the US all the way to Nigeria in Africa. British fighters have not gotten as much attention, so let’s look into the British representatives in the UFC. There are currently … Read more

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How Many Chinese Fighters Are There In The UFC?

There are currently 12 active Chinese MMA fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. WHO ARE THEY? 1. ZHANG WEILI Zhang Weili will always be a part of Chinese MMA history as the first ever Chinese-born UFC Champion. Born in Hadan, Hebei China, Zhang started her journey in MMA with the traditional Chinese Shaolin Kung fu … Read more

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Do MMA Fighters Cut More Weight Than Boxers?

Mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing can be said to be two peas of the same pod albeit different in some ways, just like the peas in a pod are different in size.  One notable difference is in the use of hands and legs by MMA fighters, whereas boxers are forbidden from using their legs … Read more