How To Do A Fireman’s Carry Takedown – All Variations

Fireman’s carry is one of the most effective takedowns, but for some strange reason we don’t see much of it in competition. Many of my fellow wrestlers and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners have told me that they don’t use it because it requires a lot of strength and commitment when executing it. Today, I’m writing … Read more

All Judo Throws For MMA & No Gi BJJ – Japanese Names

With the success of fighters like Ronda Rousey and Kayla Harrison, judo has clearly established its efficacy in MMA. That being said, judo techniques must be adapted – without a judo gi, i.e. gripping, the fighter has to find control of his opponent some other way, like clinching, to effectively throw. The Basics Most importantly, … Read more

How to Fight like Conor McGregor – 10 MMA Strategies

The “Notorious” Conor McGregor is undeniably one of the best fighters on the planet. His unorthodox, relaxed style has fascinated fans for years and has proven successful in some of the biggest matchups the UFC has ever seen. His powerful left-hand shots, straight-back stance, a multitude of effective kicks, and dominance of the Octagon make … Read more

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How to Grapple Against Taller Opponents in MMA & BJJ

Hello again folks and welcome back to our series on tips and techniques for dealing with a taller opponent. In part one (which you can find here and which you should read, digest and apply in that order) we looked at stand up and striking approaches to fighting someone with similar proportions to the BFG. … Read more

How to Use Head Movement in MMA

Head movement in MMA is a controversial topic. Some people say you should use as much head movement in MMA as you do in boxing in order to avoid strikes and that you should learn head movement as a vital skill. Other people say too much head movement in MMA opens you up to takedowns, … Read more

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