Does Glory Test Kickboxers For PEDs?

Glory is not strict in testing kickboxers for PEDs (including steroids). Glory holds events worldwide where kickboxers get tested only the day of the competition by the governing bodies in these countries e.g. State Atheltic Commissions in the United States. Testing kickboxers only on the day of competition makes it so easy for them to … Read more

Is BJJ The Best Martial Art For Self-Defense?

The short answer is no! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is definitely not the best martial art for self-defense. Why? Everybody knows that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is effective in self-defense situations, and we have all seen videos of BJJ fighters strangling thieves on the street. But is it always the case? BJJ Vs. Knives Obviously not! In … Read more

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Do UFC Fighters Get Paid If They Lose?

Most fighters under UFC contracts are offered show money and win money, this is how the UFC pays its fighters. This is also the UFC’s way to motivate fighters to win fights. For example, a fighter who is making their debut in the UFC will be making 14k to show up for the fight and … Read more

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What Is A Journeyman in MMA? Examples In The UFC?

A journeyman in MMA is a fighter who never managed to be amongst the elite or the gatekeepers. Historically, a journeyman is a craft worker whose rank is beyond an apprentice but can never be a master. A journeyman was historically always an employee and could never have a business of their own. Let’s take … Read more

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What Is A Gatekeeper In MMA? Can They Become A Champion?

A gatekeeper is an MMA fighter who can win fights against the majority of fighters in their division, but at the same time can never become a champion because they can’t win fights against the elite fighters of their division. Ranking-wise, a gatekeeper is always ranked amongst the top ten but can’t break through the … Read more

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