How to do Ippon seoi nage – All Variations

Ippon seoi nage, one armed shoulder throw, is one of the most impressive throws in judo. Since its invention in Japan many martial arts have added this technique to their arsenal, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga and even MMA.In this article, you will learn how to do Ippon seoi nage with all its variations. Before … Read more

All Judo Throws For MMA & No Gi BJJ – Japanese Names

With the success of fighters like Ronda Rousey and Kayla Harrison, judo has clearly established its efficacy in MMA. That being said, judo techniques must be adapted – without a judo gi, i.e. gripping, the fighter has to find control of his opponent some other way, like clinching, to effectively throw. The Basics Most importantly, … Read more

How to Grapple Against Taller Opponents in MMA & BJJ

Hello again folks and welcome back to our series on tips and techniques for dealing with a taller opponent. In part one (which you can find here and which you should read, digest and apply in that order) we looked at stand up and striking approaches to fighting someone with similar proportions to the BFG. … Read more

How To Do a Fly Trap Submission: Triangle From Bottom Side Control

The fly trap is not a submission that you see in every Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament such as regular triangles, armbars, rear naked chokes, etc. The fly trap submission is a nrw submission created by Eddie Bravo’s black belt student Jeremiah Vance. It’s not a secret that 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu players are very creative … Read more

How to Do The Flying Scissor or Kani Basami in MMA & Grappling

If you are an OG MMA fan you will remember when Ryo Chonan caught Anderson Silva with a flying scissor heel hook in Pride Shockwave 2004. At the time, nobody has ever seen that move in action, it was a technique taken from Judo and sambo, but even judo rules prohibited competitors from using it … Read more

Complete Guide to Imanari Roll For Leglocks in MMA & Grappling

The Imanari roll is one of the most dynamic leg lock entries in submission grappling and MMA. This move has been popularized by Japanese MMA fighter Masakazu Imanari. After proving its effectiveness in Japan, The Imanari roll propagated quickly in the United States, fighters in the UFC started using that roll to get easy leglocks, … Read more