How To Do Tai Otoshi: Step-by-Step Guide

Tai otoshi is a judo throw that relies heavily on upper body strength, unlike other judo techniques that rely uniquely on technique, feints, and deception. In this article, you will learn: How to do Tai otoshi (step-by-step guide) Setups and combinations for Tai otoshi Variations of Tai otoshi How to do Tai Otoshi (Step-by-step guide) … Read more

How To Do Morote Seoi Nage: Step-by-Step Guide

Morote seoi nage (two-handed shoulder throw) is one of the most used throws in judo, it was ranked as the top scoring throw at the London Olympic Games. In this article you will learn: How to do Morote seoi nage (Step-by-step guide) How to do Knee-drop Morote seoi nage (Step-by-step guide) Step-by-step guide to Morote … Read more

How To Do Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi: Step-by-Step Guide

Sasae tsurikomi ashi is a foot throw (Ashi-waza), it is one of the first techniques that beginners learn in judo. In this article, you will learn: How to do Sasae tsurikomi ashi (Step-by-step guide) Variations of Sasae tsurikomi ashi Combinations of Sasae tsurikomi ashi with other judo throws Many judo novices confuse Sasae tsurikomi ashi … Read more

How To Do Ko Uchi Makikomi/Ko Uchi Gake

Ko uchi makikomi or Ko uchi gake is an excellent throw for judo players who don’t like to use force and prefer subtle technique over brute strength. Note that many judo schools use the name Ko uchi gake for Ko uchi makikomi or Kouchi makikomi. In this guide, we will be referring to this throw … Read more

How To Do Kouchi Gari – All Variations

Kouchi gari or Ko Uchi gari is one of the most elegant judo throws, it relies extremely on timing and doesn’t require any strength. I often recommend my smaller students to learn this throw and use it on bigger and stronger opponents. In this article, you will learn: How to do Kouchi gari (a step-by-step … Read more

How To Do Ouchi Gari: Step-by-Step Guide

Ouchi gari or major inner reap throw is one of the most popular throws in judo and yet very simple to execute. Ouchi gari doesn’t include all the complications of the other judo throws, which makes it an easy throw to learn for beginners. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know … Read more