Exciting Fighters Vs. Boring Fighters Who Win, What’s Best?

Explore the clash between Exciting Fighters and Boring Fighters to uncover the secrets of victory.

UFC fighters and MMA fighters, in general, have been torn between these two choices, should I be an exciting fighter and go for slug fests regardless if I win or lose, or should I be a calculated fighter and focus only on winning regardless if my performance is boring or exciting?

So, should you as a fighter focus on exciting the crowd, or should you win even if the win is boring?

The ideal would be if you can win fights and be exciting at the same time

Winning is the pillar of every fighter’s career, but if you always win in a very boring fashion, you will become an enemy of the promotion and fans would be indifferent.

Exciting Fighters

What happens to boring fighters who win fights all the time?

These types of fighters become enemies of the promotion they are fighting for, simply because they keep winning and destroying every fighter who has the potential to be a star for the organization, without being stars themselves.

In a way, they are working against the interests of the promotion itself by destroying its stars without being a star themselves because fans don’t care about their boring style.

The problem with making an enemy out of the promotion is that once the fighter experiences their first loss they get cut from the organization instantly and their career dies because no other organization would want to contract them because of their boring style.

What if your fighting style is boring, but it keeps winning you fights, should you change it?

No! If your fighting style is boring, but it keeps making you win fights, don’t change it, that would be a big mistake!

Instead, learn from the fighters who came before you.

Take Colby Covington as an example.

Colby was on a long winning streak with his wrestling style, but the UFC informed his manager that they would cut him anyway because of his boring style.

Colby Covington then took the decision to add something new to the mix, trash talk.

He kept the same fighting style and didn’t change anything, he kept winning and destroying other potential stars, but he added the element that fans love, the excitement of trash talk.

Suddenly, he became a star in the UFC and the UFC loved him.

This is the moment when Colby Covington decided to start the trash talk to save his career

YouTube video

This video proves that the trash talk that Colby does was only a gimmick to save his career and draw more eyeballs to his fights

Don’t ever make the sacrifice of trying to make the fight exciting and dangerous if you can win it clean and easy

Don’t sacrifice your record for MMA promotions, because once you will have a 3-fight losing streak they will cut you anyway, and you’ll find yourself jobless.

So don’t sacrifice your record for anyone.