Do Bigger Glutes & Thighs Make You Punch Harder?

Have you ever wondered if bigger thighs and glutes would make one punch harder? 

This question has been asked so many times. 

I will answer it once and for all in this blog post, and summarize the findings for easy reference in the future. 

Do bigger glutes and thighs make our punches harder?

We look at boxers like Mike Tyson and Manny Pacquiao and we conclude that it does.

After all, they are some of the hardest punchers and they have amazing thighs and glutes (butts if you may like).

However, there are also some boxers whose glutes and thighs aren’t as impressive, but they still have amazing punch power.

This implies that bigger glutes and thighs aren’t a magical way to get stronger punches.

If the size of the thighs and glutes doesn’t matter, what does?

The answer is simple, stronger thigh and glute muscles matter. 

Strong thighs and glutes matter a lot in making powerful punches in the ring. 

Boxing involves a lot of movement, and unless these muscles are strong, a boxer will find it difficult to land powerful punches.

Here is a brief explanation for that. 

Punches come from the force generated in the lower body, most especially the thighs and glutes. 

When a punch is thrown, a kinetic chain of forces passes through the body, starting from the legs, and going all the way to the fist. 

In this process, one’s foot is planted on the ground. 

In obedience to Newton’s third law of motion which states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, there is an upward and forward movement of the body.

The momentum created from this action creates a tightening in the thighs and glutes, which boosts the strength of the force, moving up to the core and then to the fists which make the impact. 

This is usually the case when a hard punch is made.

Looking at these processes, it is clear that strong thighs and glutes are very necessary to make powerful punches. 

When the kinetic chain is initiated, the thighs and glutes are tightened. 

If these muscles are weak, the force generated will be too weak or not consistent to make any serious impact.

You should think about the strength of your glutes and thigh muscles as the foundation of a building. 

The stronger the foundation, the more solid the building is, the stronger the thighs and glutes, and the more powerful the punches.

However, you should know that every part of the body matters in making that powerful punch. 

Any boxer who can strengthen them all and use them appropriately will become an efficient puncher. 

How do I get stronger thighs and glutes?

Getting stronger thighs and glutes is not very difficult.

Some regular exercises, not very hard ones, can help one achieve that if one is consistent.

Exercises that are recommended include:

  • Squats
  • Leg dumbbell exercises
  • Deadlifts


 So there you have it. 

This article has answered your question, “Do bigger thighs and glutes make one punch harder?”. 

We highlighted the fact that size doesn’t matter as much as the strength of these muscles. 

Finally, we got some advice on how to strengthen your thigh and glute muscles.