Do UFC Fighters Get Fined If They Shove Their Opponent?

UFC Fighters Get Fined If They Shove?

Theoretically, they could get fined by the athletic commissions because it is against the rules of conduct.

But in practice, the athletic commissions in the US turn a blind eye to fighters shoving each other during the weigh-ins or during press conferences.

UFC Fighters Get Fined
Kamaru Usman shoving Colby Covington

Why do athletic commissions don’t take disciplinary actions against fighters shoving each other even though it is against the rules?

The athletic commissions understand that this is not basketball, this is MMA a sport where fighters are supposed to hurt each other in a fight.

So if the physical contact before the fight does not cause damage, the athletic commissions turn a blind eye and let the fighters get their anger out.

UFC Fighters Get Fined
Brock Lesnar shoving Daniel Cormier

Also, the athletic commissions understand that the shoving is part of the show, they also understand that MMA is not only a sport but also a show where fans are entertained by beef between fighters and drama.

The UFC and other MMA and boxing promotions love it when the fighters have a beef, it simply means more eyeballs and more attention.

Do you remember the biggest beef in all the history of MMA, Conor/Khabib?

Well, it turned out that this beef made the UFC sell 2,400,000 PPVs, which made it the highest PPV of all time, in boxing and MMA!

Here is a video of the best shoves in the UFC, enjoy the drama!

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