14 Floyd Mayweather Strategies You Should Learn From

Mayweather boxing strategy

With larger than life persona, Floyd Mayweather is the best boxer on the planet and in contention for one of the greatest fighters of all time. Throughout boxing history, we’ve witnessed fighters, with once in a generation feel who epitomize the era, they fought in. Their fighting style coupled with their persona synchronized displayed the … Read more

12 Strategies Every Boxer Should Learn From Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Boxing

Since his first fight on 6th March 1985, the self-proclaimed “Baddest Man on the Planet” has etched his name in the history books. Only second to Ali in popularity, Tyson’s aggression and tenacity baffle the boxing community till today.  From 48 seconds knockout to 91 seconds knockout, generations to come will talk about Mike Tyson’s … Read more

5 Points To Debunk the Southpaw Advantage in Boxing

Southpaw vs Orthodox

Southpaw, pesky lefties who force orthodox fighters to rethink their entire existence are known to have a considerable advantage over a conventional boxer. Really? Is that the case? According to many recognized boxing sources, Left-handed athletes known as Southpaws in boxing carry a massive advantage because whatever they do comes from an opposite side of … Read more