Managers Vs. Promoters In Boxing, What Is The Difference?

The boxing industry is a multimillionaire business. We are used to seeing boxers on the lists of the richest athletes in the world, but have you ever wondered where does all that money come from? Just like any other industry, the boxing world goes way beyond the fighters that stand in the ring. There are … Read more

Why Is Head hunting Bad In Boxing And MMA?

Headhunting in boxing is the habit of exclusively aiming strikes at an opponent’s head, hoping to land a knockout blow. It is a limited style of fighting because it neglects the many other ways to break down an opponent. Headhunting is predictable, and thus easier to defend against. It can also make a fighter overzealous … Read more

How Do I Become A WBC Boxer?

The World Boxing Council is one of the four major international professional boxing organizations. They work hand in hand to sanction professional boxing fights and recognize regional, continental and world champions.  For a professional boxer, joining the WBC is relatively easy. After fulfilling all the other requirements for getting a pro boxing license, you can … Read more

What Is A Boxer-puncher In Boxing?

Boxing as a sport has been around for a long time and over the years, evolution has occurred from rules to techniques to fighting styles. One such change is the fighting styles of boxers. These styles are specific from one boxer to another, and a boxer is defined by the style with which he fights. … Read more

What Is A Swarmer In Boxing?

The art of boxing is fondly referred to as the “sweet science”, because of the diverse methods and strategies behind getting in the ring and hitting an opponent while not getting hit in return.  Contrary to what a layman might see at first glance, boxing isn’t just about two tough men punching each other in the … Read more

Can The Philly Shell aka Shoulder Roll Work In MMA?

 What is the Philly shell aka shoulder roll? The Philly shell is a defensive mechanism that allows a fighter to guard against punches from an opponent and create a chance to counterattack. This style is pretty old and has been in use for decades.  The Philly Shell, or Shoulder Roll Guard, is an effective counter-punching … Read more